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Since 2014, Dell Development Fund (DDF) in South Africa and Code for Change have created a long-term, solid partnership with the aim to bring coding programs to kids and youth in South Africa.

DDF’s unwavering commitment to digital skills upliftment in under-resourced communities has enabled Code for Change to reach thousands with free training, access to information, opportunities in the job market and much more.

Dell Development Fund not only partnered on existing projects being implemented, but had the vision to fund new pilot programs, campaigns, policy and awareness drives, which resulted in improved programming, increased impact and sustainable interventions.

In numbers, the partnership has enabled:

  • 9825 students to be trained in coding courses, PC Basics, IT Essentials
  • 2100 unemployed youth to receive free accredited training in PC Basics and IT Essentials
  • 571 teachers and community leaders to gain leadership skills, IT Skills and equipment to be digital change-makers in their schools and communities
  • The set-up and launch of 2 Solar Labs and running of 3 IT Training Centers in Gauteng
  • 2113 youth reached through the Hour of Code Campaign

The ripple effect of this on-going support has been critical to developing tools and programs that are tailor-made to the communities in which Code for Change works. Such programs are introducing youth to work-readiness skills such as coding, web development, entrepreneurship, problem-solving and innovation to find creative solutions.

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Video Showcasing a Solar Lab in Dieplsoot

The Dell SA Development Fund (DDF) was created with the belief, that by improving social conditions, Dell can improve business conditions. The DDF aims to create literate and connected communities through education, supporting developing businesses and investing in the community. We have a holistic approach that includes creating partnerships with our employees, government and the communities we call home.


Tebatso Moyaba – Grade 10 – Diepsloot Secondary School

Tebatso Moyaba, a Grade 10 learner from Diepsloot Secondary School has been using coding to prepare herself for her dream career, a school teacher.

When she first joined the program, she was intimidated and afraid. She considered herself ‘non-technical’.

“My dream job is to become a teacher who not only teaches the syllabus, but makes a difference to my learners.”

“I remember walking into the lab for the first time”, says Tebatso, “I had never used a computer before. It was very intimidating and I was not planning to come back the next day.” Surprisingly, after the first lesson, she was more curious than intimidated which led her to come for the following class, and the rest was history.

“I remember walking into the lab for the first time, I had never used a computer before…”

Tebatso now runs a coding club Master Coders that  has taught over 60 learners the basics of coding the syllabus. She wanted more learners at her high school to  know what coding was, so she decided she was going to spend her afternoons in the lab teaching new learners how to code.

Tebatso explains “This coding club is not just giving other learners an opportunity to learn a new skill, but it is also helping towards my dreams of teaching. Since we started, I have improved in being able to explain and handle a group of students. All these things are helping me build confidence as I prepare for my teaching career.”

[ Tebatso now runs a coding club Master Coders that at the school during the afternoons. Master Coders has taught over 60 learners the basics of coding. ]

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